Written Testimonials

The Business Development team of DRA Projects SA Pty Ltd would once again like to thank Ray for spending the day with us, focusing on laying the foundation for success in sales.

After an initial meeting, Ray enabled the Business Development team to structure the programme outline and desired outcomes according to our needs, in order to effectively target our perceived skills shortages. A completely different approach from the usual power point supported training sessions was applied in that with the use of a flip chart only, interactive and participatory engagement took place, prompting each workshop attendee to explore and understand the smarts prior to practical application in sessions of role-play and problem-solving.

A flexible training approach, that addressed the programme topics as they came up in conversation, kept the information relevant and applicable in the moment. Throughout the day, Ray demonstrated recognition of our answers, never dismissing them as wrong, suggesting alternatives and emphasising good answers. He succeeded in providing the group with a framework that is interesting and understandable. Detailed and logically presented notes in our course guides continually enable and support practical application in our day-to- day Business Development activities.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated the practical how-to’s provided by an instructor with lots of experience which adds real value to the course. We have found this course to be beneficial and believe that the techniques learned will enable us to enhance our business development performance in the future.

Adele O’callaghan

General Manager: Business Development, DRA Global

Ray is very enthusiastic, interesting, entertaining and his training is very captivating. His RAP Selling course would be highly beneficial to any sales team. His presentation is excellent. The training is well prepared, easy to grasp, I would attend Ray Patterson’s sales course again and I would strongly recommend him to any sales training.
Deidre Tavares

Athena Advertising

Ray held a sales course with our call centre agents who had no sales experience. He structured the course in such a way that the participants were able to start with the basics and be well on their way to being great sales people by the end of the day.

His practical approach made it easy to relate to the content and enable the individual to identify their strengths and areas that needed improvement. The message that anyone is capable of being a successful sales person was very clear.

Here is some of the feedback from the participants:
“A very good presentation, highly practical and useful.”
“Great session Mr Ray”
“Very informative, inspiring and helpful. Thank you!”Each member of the team enjoyed the day from start to finish and I receive daily calls from the team sharing their experiences at our clients after following your approach and using the techniques they learned on the day.

Pro Gas being in the agricultural sector was worried that our clients might be different to normal industries, but you gave us practical points/tools that I can say work!

Pro Gas will most definitely recommend your course to any company /persons than need to sell something and that’s all of us.

We will book you again next year to sharpen the minds. Once again, thank you and all the best for the year!

Andre van Niekerk

Managing Director, Pro Gas Solutions

We started working with Ray in mid-2012 after hearing him speak about responsible, accountable and professional (RAP) sales people at a business breakfast.He made an immediate impression on me as a business owner not only looking to drive and increase sales but also, to do it the right way.

That is, developing authentic and professional sales people who sell products or services, for the clients benefit, and not their own commission. Sales people who understand the exponential value and benefit of clients who are multipliers of your business because of the great results and service they have received from your sales people.

Ray subsequently did a sales training day with us, which had a huge impact on our team. I could see that for the next few days and weeks, they were energised, motivated, committed and most importantly skilled.

I decided immediately that a consistent and comprehensive approach to sales training, coaching and mentoring was required in order to realise the full and real benefits of Ray’s years and years of experience. One or two days, every so often, was not going to have the kind of impact I was looking for.

Ray has consequently worked with us for 2 full days a month since July 2012.

In that time our sales are almost 20% up on the previous year, our sales people are confident, skilled, professional, motivated, accountable and committed.

I cannot recommend Ray Patterson enough, as a sales coach. His sales consulting will most definitely increase your sales within a few months.

Neil Pattrick

Managing Director, Brooke Patrick Publications

Ray Patterson is the salesman’s salesman. His enthusiasm, knowledge and drive to ‘inspire a professional sales attitude’ is a must if you are considering a sales speaker for your conference or want to send your team on training.
Jacques de Villiers

It’s been a long time since a speaker managed to keep me engaged for the entire duration of the presentation!”
Bronwyn Roberts

Bureau Principal, Speakers Inc

Thank you for taking time to address our members at our Executive Wednesday on 25 January 2012. Your presentation made the occasion one of the most memorable and inspiring events we have hosted. We wish you all the best with your future business ventures and know that you will only grow from strength to strength.
Nadia Oberholzer

Event Co-ordinator: Sandton & Midrand Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ray is very enthusiastic, interesting, entertaining and his training is very captivating. His RAP Selling course would be highly beneficial to any sales team. His presentation is excellent. The training is well prepared, easy to grasp, I would attend Ray Patterson’s sales course again and I would strongly recommend him to any sales training”
Deidre Tavares

Athena Advertising

Out of the 100 sales delegates who listened to Ray’s talk, there was only positive feedback. He spoke eloquently for 45 minutes without any notes or PowerPoint slides; this refreshing style makes him unique. With a lineup of stories that reinforces “Don’t be a Rep be a RAP”, his content hits the nail on the head.
Ian Rheeder


It gives me great pleasure in complimenting you on a superb Sales training session which was held at Dynamic Promotions on the 1 March 2012. It’s was not only informative but extremely energetic and exciting. You have maintained the consistency of each candidates energy throughout the time scheduled. Your “RAP” SELLING technique has really met the objective of my Brand Ambassadors taking “RESPONSIBILITY “ “ACCOUNTABILITY” “BEING PROUD “ representing Amka Skincare Products. I will certainly recommend your company to all my work colleagues. Your Facilitation skill’s is of high standards. Ray please keep up the good work!
Fathima Sadak

Training & Promotions Manager, AMKA Productions

I had the privilege of acting as MC at an event where Ray was the keynote speaker. His 45 minute voyage of discovery into the intricacies and skills involved in selling, was outstanding and left me with an indelible set of guidelines on how to improve my own selling skills. I commend Ray for a job well done and would freely recommend him a as a keynote speaker on sales or as a sales trainer.
Andrew Horton

Motivational Speaker

I’ve heard Ray’s keynote address ‘Putting Pride and Enthusiasm Back Into Selling’ 3x. Every time I hear it, I’m motivated to get back into the trenches and sell, sell, sell. Ray has the ability to move people to action. Don’t take my word for it – I have all the feedback forms and there’s an overwhelming 5/5 rating for content and presentation. If you want to motivate your sales team to excellence, go to Ray.
Jacques de Villiers

MindTrust Marketing

At the outset of our training, I had many fears about how the sales teams would react to formal training, but Ray’s unique and captivating workshop, left our sales teams “begging” for more. It is rare to find a training facilitator who can keep the attention of a large group of sceptical sales people. Ray blends informal, anecdotal and real life sales experience, into a practical framework with which all our sales people can succeed. I was very impressed with his passionate and professional approach to the world of sales, and he provided our team with a much needed role model of a professional sales person. The training exceeded our expectation, and we look forward to many more workshops with Ray and the Peer Group in the future.
Gabi Bricker

National Sales Manager, G Fox & Co

I wanted to thank you again for the presentation this morning. In my years in the sales industry, I have attended numerous sales focused seminars before, as well as read many books to improve sales motivation and passion, but NEVER before have I walked away with such a practical and simple approach to achieving the desired results. Your approach to Goal Setting has been invaluable to me.
Sue Nesbitt

Account Manager, AdvanceNet

“The speaker was presenting just to me. Everything presented was relevant to me, even the car service example mentioned. Great thank you.” “First time in a long time I can use the info in my work and daily life”
AdvanceNet delegates

What a grat experience it was to do sales training with Ray. Me and my team needed the boost – and that’s precisely what we got. We sharpened our sales sense to the basics we knew and upped our game on some new tips and guidelines.

Here are some of our Sales Team member’s comments:

“Ray is a real energetic person, it was great to have attended one of his courses.”

“Learnt a lot -really boosted my confidence.”

“30/10method works! Feel that I am gaining a lot of knowledge.”

“Sales training with Ray really boosted and motivated our team.”

The Midrand Conference Centre, Villa Tuscana Guest House and Wedding Village

The audience was made up of mainly salespeople and some marketing people (200 delegates). The head of Ericsson Sub Sahara Africa, Lars Linden, was also in the audience as well the head of marketing. There were also a few directors from some of the other Countries. (Nairobi, Sweden) Everyone was keen to listen and enjoyed the talk. At the end of the presentation, Lars Linden was the first to comment “What a fantastic presentation, that’s just what we needed”.

“Loved the presentation. We need people like this to remind us why we love selling. We always need motivation”

“Ray’s presentation was excellent. He dealt with the important basics, stuff we have forgotten and need to keep top of mind at all times. Informative.”

“Ray was informative and with good ideas.”

“Presentation was succinct and powerful. Could have listened longer.”

“Short, to the point and very appropriate.”

“Ray’s presentation was excellent, the market needs this, the market needs Ray”.

“There is no doubt that you deliver a challenging and enthusiastic presentation, which is particularly motivational for people in sales. Thanks for your passion”.

“Your presentation was brilliant”

“Very motivational”

“I was just telling my colleague here that his title on his business card is to long and that he should change it to what you suggested, SALES”

“It’s what we need”

“We don’t realize how great it is being salespeople until someone like you, who is passionate about sales, reminds us” (I think this one is the best as it sums up exactly what I am trying to do)

“To the point, fantastic ideas”

“I have composed and acronym to remember your 3 points. PRA. When I wake up in the morning I must be Proud. Then make an effort to read more and Take Responsibility to improve my knowledge. When I see customers, accept Accountability and make things happen”

“I was in operations and decided to go into sales. I was a bit worried about my decision but after today’s talk I know I made the right decision”

Sales conference Sub Saharan Africa 24.02.2011. Legends. The Waterberg.

These comments were from people from Nigeria, Nairobi, Sweden, Ghana and RSA

With our unique set-up, where we serve clients with a variety of media and marketing needs, it was very insightful to understand the application of the basic principles of Sales for each division.

With regards to the Closing the Deal training, our sales teams found the training extremely practical. The way you presented the training was out of the box, interesting and engaging. Each of our teams took something from the training that they could start implementing the next day. Providing solutions is what this is all about!

The Sales Manager’s Boot Camp was very helpful and the tools and lessons you shared, made us think out of the box. It equipped us with the knowledge and tools to really start managing performance and helped us to understand better how to create motivated, engaging and performing teams.

The most valuable of all, was the fact that you could share years of experience with us, that we would never find in any text book or manual.

Thanks for adjusting your training time and programme to fit our specific needs. We already recommended you to several of our clients in the region. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and making a difference in sales teams! All the best for the future!

Alda Fourie

OFM Sales Manager

At Alistair Group we are disciples of Ray Patterson’s sales methods. Often we find ourselves asking one another “what would Ray do”?! We first had Ray train our team in January 2017 and have just finished a second set of training in August 2018. We find Ray’s training to be motivating, clearly presented and, most importantly, easy to remember. This means that we are able to continue to utilise the tools we learned during the training for the months and years to come. We have designed many of our in-house tools around Ray’s recommended best practices. I would not hesitate to recommend Ray to anyone looking for a fun and impactful sales training programme.
Clementine James

Director, Alistair Group

The motivational talk you gave helped to provide the necessary understandings and importance of being a sales person in the modern day and by all accounts was very well received by all in attendance.
Guy Kimble

Managing Director, Metrofile

On behalf of all the MMF members present at Ellis Park Marketing Managers Forum this morning, an enormous thank you for lifting our spirits at what is an exhausting time of year and allowing us to walk away feeling rejuvenated and energized.

What an inspiring talk and with such wonderful humour. There were many comments that this was such a useful presentation for us all and I am so grateful that you took the time to present to us.

Nici Bailes

Marketing Managers Forum

Ray held a sales course with our call centre agents who had no sales experience. He structured the course in such a way that the participants were able to start with the basics and be well on their way to being great sales people by the end of the day.

His practical approach made it easy to relate to the content and enable the individual to identify their strengths and areas that needed improvement. The message that anyone is capable of being a successful sales person was very clear.

Here is some of the feedback from the participants:
“A very good presentation, highly practical and useful.”
“Great session Mr Ray”
“Very informative, inspiring and helpful. Thank you!”

Frikkie Strydom

Unitrans Financial Services

It is rare to meet Trainers who usher precision, enthusiasm, and devotion like yourself; please accept our gesture of
acclamation. We have since set sail in confidence following your seminar.

After experiencing your personal and fervent approach in Professional Sales, our team has graduated to selling the
benefits of our service offering and not the price. You have a unique way of engaging with audiences of all calibre –
undoubtedly, you have a wealth of knowledge in business.

Thank you for practically exhibiting: 1. Selling a Lifestyle 2. Presenting a Product or Service 3. Sales Etiquette

Outstandingly, I was particularly stunned by your motivational outreach; whether one is new in Sales or is an expert in
Sales, from your seminar, we were able to gather solutions on how to bounce back in business by handling objections.
You have indeed instilled a fortune of substance by demonstrating how easy it is to get clients to commit.

Your Sales Training and Conference Speaking technique and method, I will sum up as – remarkable! In the interim, we
will continue campaigning for you as we have seen firsthand how effective your Sales Training is.

Wandi Nene

Flight Operations, Aviation Intelligence Directorate

I asked Ray to put together a sales program for my non-sales staff in order to create a more sales minded culture in our team. Not only did he communicate to me throughout the process what he had in mind but he personally came passed my office to fine tune the syllabus with me in order to tailor make it to our needs.

On the day of the seminar he was able to keep the concentration and intrigue of our team throughout the duration of the training.

He was direct and to the point and helped put in processes the beginnings of a new more sales focussed culture and we look forward to his consultations in the future.

Justin Jacks

Managing Director, Sight and Sound

Wil net se dankie vir die bemarkings opleiding wat jy vir ons gegee het. Dit was werklik interessant en leersaam. Ek het hiedie week die voorreg gehad om ‘n nuwe klient te werf op die “Ray Patterson”manier – wat ‘n ondervinding.Ek het goed gevoel oor hoe ek die besigheid verkry het – danksy jou.Ek het gevra vir die besigheid en dit gekry.

Ek was tot sover suksesvol met my bemarking maar jy het my toegerus om dit nog beter te doen. Nogmaals dankie.

Tiaan Potgieter

Marketing and Services Manager, Pro Gas Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Ray is a consummate professional. He is passionate about sales and bringing the best out of people. He has a broad base of knowledge and is able to easily share this knowledge. I highly recommend Ray Patterson.
Richard Riche

One Clear Message

Ray’s reputation as a top sales professional preceded him before I saw him deliver his sales keynote speech in front of 400 enthralled sales people at Montecasino this month. Ray is an articulate, animated speaker with a powerful message for any sales force. His RAP principle is spot on. I speak on Relationship Selling myself and can highly recommend Ray as a Sales Speaker at your next conference
Paul du Toit

CSP , Certified Speaking Professional, MD, Congruence Training

We would like to thank you on behalf of Montego Pet Nutrition, the management and all the sales staff that participated in your sales motivation training course. The course was given with current insight, relevant knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry. The information in the course was brought across in an appropriate and applicable manner where it could be used by our staff to not only improve their skills, but also bring something extra to the company.

In the short time since the course we have seen a good improvement not only in the sales of the company, but also in the manner that our sales employees treat our clients through building lasting relationships with them. It was also an important feature for them to realise that they make up a valuable part of the company, and it clearly came from your passion for the industry.

We want to thank you once again for the effort that you had put into the course and bringing it across to our staff in an understanding manner.

Teresa Reyneke

National Sales Manager, Montego Feeds cc

“On behalf of UPSA-SA I would like to thank you for the interesting and inspiring presentation given to our members on 10 February 2011. We believe that you had a great impact on the audience and the motivational message to the group was certainly what all salespeople need to hear.I often gauge the success of our meetings based on the member comments, and without exception they all enjoyed the evening. The feedback from our members about your talk was extremely positive.”

Ray Patterson conducted sales training for my team last week, which we all found very interesting and highly valuable.
What I found most valuable and useful was not necessarily the content but the training around the application thereof. As Ray says we all know what we should be doing, but actually applying it to become successful and professional sales executives, requires the application of knowledge through practice and persistence. The training provided that in an entertaining, engaging and useful way. It was so successful that within two days of the training two of our sales executives in applying some of the skills taught, closed two big deals at their first appointment. I would recommend Ray Patterson to anyone wanting to improve the skills and professionalism of their sales team.
Neil Pattrick

Managing Director, Brooke Pattrick Publications (Pty) Ltd

Ray is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise to empower, inspire and motivate others working in the field of Sales. His keynotes are informative, motivational and inspirational, delivered in a manner that captures his audience’s attention.
Beryldene Stemp

The presentation by Ray was great. It was informative and really hit home on how to mentor sales personal and keep them motivated.
Kerr Walker


We were very happy with the training we received and all our participants were very enthusiastic about changing the way we sell ourselves and our company. The training was professional and very informative.
Denleigh Wilensky

Executive Director, HIC

“Excellent presentation. It will be valuable to the group and its future” – John Field – CEO

“Ray’s programme provided value to all attendees, whether they work in the sales department or not. Ray presented some good, simple and practical tactics to use in order to successfully set up, manage and close any deal, being with internal co-workers or external customers. The theme was relaxed and interactive and as a result, kept people engaged.” – Marc Landman – Operations Manager.

“Fantastic course, cant’ wait to implement what I have learned” – Kerry Hatfield – Sales.

“Ray is charismatic and dynamic. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. We are all in sales and we will achieve fantastic results.” – Fiona Klose – Life Admin Manager.

“Very informative” – Ingrid Green – Marketing Manager.

“Excellent content and most useful in all aspects of life” – Robynne Dry – Consultant.

Fantastic! I’ve taken a lot from today’s course” – Raven Pillay – Salesman.

Fedgroup Programme 2014

“I’ve never made so many notes on a talk, I loved everything you said”

“I wish I had the rest of my team here to listen to you”

“Where are people like you, it’s the best message in sales I have ever heard”

“Thanks for your talk I really enjoyed it. It was a good message”

“Thanks, it reminded me of when I first started in sales, it’s a good message”

“I could have listened to you for another 2 hours”

“I loved your talk. I am a salesperson and now I feel proud”

“I enjoyed listening to you speak” – Brian Jude

“Well done, great talk” – Barrie Bramley

“Excellent talk, well done Ray” – Douglas Kruger

“I loved your presentation, you inspired me” – Natalie Ristow – KAT Leisure Hotel

“Your talk hit me. It really got me excited. When you spoke about salespeople being proud it all came together. You cover our values – responsibility, Accountability and Pride“– Group of 3, Nedbank Delegates

“I’ve listened to a lot of speakers and have never heard someone speak as powerfully on sales, I can feel that you really do believe in sales and have the experience to back it up” – Wayne Steven-Jennings – MD – The Africa Conference Directory

The Africa Conference Directory

Conference Speakers International Speaker’s Showcase – C.S.I.R – 18.08.2011

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