Sales Leadership Training

Sales Managers are key to unlocking the potential of the sales team!

However, most companies still rely on promoting top performing salespeople in the hope that they will bring the rest of the team up to their level.

Unfortunately, it very seldom works this way.

According to research conducted by a leading Sales Training Group in the USA, 66% of companies don’t believe that their Sales Managers have the skills needed to manage and coach salespeople.

Based on my own experience with training salespeople and Sales Managers in South Africa, this number is even higher. I believe that around 90% of the Sales Managers I interact with when training their sales teams are not properly trained to do their job.

Most of them focus only on managing the numbers and spend very little time, if any, on leading and coaching.

The make-up and attitude of any sales team is a direct reflection on the Sales Leadership!

The 3 key elements of Sales Management.

Introduction: The programme starts with the foundation for success in Sales Management, Attitude!

1. Managing. Looking after the numbers. (Activities)

Establishing monthly, weekly and daily reports for salespeople.

ETracking the numbers daily and acting proactively, not reactively.


Establishing ratios. I.E. Calls to appointments, appointments to sales, etc.

Creating a monthly work plan and a sales pipeline.

2. Leading. Setting and maintaining high standards.


Providing inspiration. (Lead by example)

Getting out of the office and into the market place.

How to plan and run effective sales meetings.
How to encouraging self-development.
How to show recognition.
Getting salespeople to set and achieve personal goals in sales.

How to build team spirit and create fun.

Dealing with the negaholics.
How to encourage a positive attitude within the team.
Understanding motivation.

3. Coaching.

Developing salespeople.
Focus on changing individual behaviour.
Spending “One on one” time with salespeople.
Conducting successful performance evaluations.
Effective sales coaching. Using the (3:2:1) evaluation method.
Encourage peer to peer learning.

“Your Management Training has made a real difference in the way our new Area Managers work and interact with their respective sales representatives. Planning and communication is a very important aspect when dealing with people and that becomes even more crucial when you have to manage salespeople and their activities as well as keeping them motivated to sell.”

Dirk van der Westhuizen
National Sales Manager, Patient Focus Africa, July 2018

“The key point for me is the relationship between manager and employee. It is my responsibility to inspire, grow and nurture individuals to be great!”

Ann Letsoalo
Internal Manager, Patient Focus Africa, February 2018

“The key points I picked up were establishing ratios, using the 3:2:1 principle for effective sales coaching and to set immediate goals to ensure long term success. The training was relaxed and inter active and was professional at all times. It was most informative.”

Maree Rankin
Internal Manager, Patient Focus Africa, February 2018

“Thank you Ray. Your energy and enthusiasm really makes me positive. It’s really inspiring!”

Chantelle Caseleggio
New Vehicle Sales Manager, Barloworld GM Head Office, February 2017

“Thanks for letting me get back to basics again. Will improve sales. Thanks again.”

Gert du Plessis
New Vehicle Sales Manager, Barloworld GM Head Office, February 2017

“Ray – great as always!”

Ivan ven der Westhuzen
Sales Manager, Barloworld GM Head Office, February 2017

“The Sales Manager’s Boot Camp was very helpful and the tools and lessons you shared, made us think out of the box. It equipped us with the knowledge and tools to really start managing performance and helped us to understand better how to create motivated, engaging and performing teams. The most valuable of all, was the fact that you could share years of experience with us, that we would never find in any text book or manual.”

Alda Fourie
Sales Manager, OFM Central South Africa, June 2019

Key learning outcomes:

Ray’s 1-Day Sales Managers Bootcamp focuses on addressing these problems and equips Sales Managers with simple and easy to implement skills and ideas to get the best out of their teams.

They will learn the basic skills required to successfully Manage, Lead and Coach their sales teams.

  • Focus on the salespeople’s activities. (Managing)
  • Motivate their salespeople and help them to execute. (Leading)
  • Develop the team through developing individuals. (Coaching)

A Sales Manager’s ability to do all of this, and do it well, is often the difference between a top-performing sales team and an average one.

Delegates will leave the training with self-confidence and a better understanding of what it takes to be an effective Sales Manager.

They will also understand the importance of getting the best out of each individual salesperson in their team in order achieve the company’s sales targets.

The programme is practical and to the point and most importantly, highly “Implementable”. 

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