There is no such thing as a bad economy in sales. Right now buyers are being careful, easy sales are put on hold and this means that average salespeople can’t survive and therefore usually end up blaming the economy for their failure.

After sitting through countless presentations, customer meetings, sales coaching training and consulting sessions during 2016 I have discovered what I believe is the “Missing link” that is preventing salespeople from achieving success in sales: and that “Missing link” is ATTITUDE!

It is time now for salespeople to stand up and accept responsibility for their own success in sales. Companies are pulling their hair out with frustration at the lack of commitment and energy from their sales teams.

When meeting with Sales Managers, Sales Directors, CEO’s and Company Owners in 2016, the one question that always came up was “How do you get salespeople to go out and do what they should be doing?”

And the answer I came up with was; “Change their attitudes and change their behaviour”.

Changing behaviour (Sales behaviour) is the key to improving sales performance. However, the only person who can successfully change that behaviour is the salesperson themselves.

Most salespeople have a fairly good idea of what they should be doing. They have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in sales but if a salesperson does not have a positive attitude towards their work they will not succeed.

Only when salespeople take responsibility for their own success in sales will their attitudes and behaviours improve.

Here are 3 simple things that you can do to change your sales behaviour and start achieving success in sales in 2017.

Become an “Executioner”

“Execute” the skills and techniques required for success in sales.

Change the way you think and act in sales by using 3 simple words; “I’m going to…” Successful salespeople are the ones who do things and not just talk about doing things.

Don’t focus on sales targets but rather on the activity required to achieve your sales targets. I.E. How many phone calls, appointments, presentations, proposals, and sales do you need to be doing monthly, weekly and daily to achieve your sales targets?

Become a “Change agent”

Take responsibility for improving your customer’s / clients / prospects attitudes.

One of the responsibilities of being a sales professional is to be positive.

The only way that you can successfully improve your attitude is to take responsibility for improving the attitudes of your customers / clients / prospects and all the other people you meet with daily.

Become an “EEE” accredited salesperson

Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement!

In business today most companies rely on their “EEE” accreditation to succeed.

It’s no different in sales. You need to be an “EEE” accredited salesperson to succeed in sales. You need to have Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement for what you do.

When a salesperson is enthusiastic they get excited, and when they get excited their customers / clients / prospects get excited, and when customers / clients / prospects get excited they end up buying.

Any salesperson who goes out and presents their story with enthusiasm and excitement, every day, will achieve success in sales.

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