Please note: I said a numbers driven business, not a numbers game. Selling is not a game, it’s a serious profession that requires serious commitment.

If you are not hitting your numbers, check your activity.

Activity = Numbers = Sales

Most salespeople don’t know what their actual numbers are because they don’t keep accurate records of their activities. (Prospects, Phone calls, Appointments, Quotes, Sales)

You must commit to a minimum number of appointments a month / week / day otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Start keeping a spreadsheet of your daily activities to work out your ratios.

If you don’t keep accurate records of your daily activities you will have no way of knowing where you are going wrong or where you are doing well.

  • You can’t earn commission until you make a sale.
  • You can’t make a sale until you complete an order.
  • You can’t complete an order until you have an appointment.
  • You can’t have an appointment until you make a phone call.

It’s all about activity. Don’t waste time during the day; get your activities done!

Instead of sitting in the office during working hours and worrying about how you are going to achieve your sales targets, you should be spending as much time as you can sitting in front of customers.

As long as you focus on achieving your numbers each day, you will achieve your sales targets.

To start with, you need to know what your numbers are.

When a salesperson keeps accurate records of their “Real time” activities then

this data can be used to track actual performance compared with the target.

If there is a problem it can be quickly identified and then rectified before the loss

becomes too much to make up.

2. I.E. If your target is 5 appointments a day and you are only managing 3 a day then by the end of the week you will be 10 appointments short. If you wait until the end of the month to check your numbers you will be 40 appointments short and if you wait until the end of the quarter you will be 120 appointments short.

What can you do now about making up 120 appointments? Nothing. It’s too late. All you can do now is worry about the problem you have and more than likely, because there is not much you can do about it, you will look for excuses. It’s the economy, the politics , the weather, the leads, the customers, the price, etc.

Start keeping “Real-time” records of your daily activities. When you work in the “Now” the future takes care of itself.

As long as you are doing something constructive every day, you should hit your numbers. And if you hit your numbers, you should hit your sales targets or at the very least, come close.

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