In today’s world of business, the buyer’s expectations when dealing with salespeople have changed!

Buyers now expect a lot more from the salespeople they deal with.


Buyer’s no longer want to meet with average “sales reps”, they want to meet with sales professionals.They want to meet with salespeople who they see as being Trusted Advisorsand Expert Business Partners.

 Trusted Advisor is a salesperson who knows their products and services inside out and can give the buyer good advice.

An Expert Business Partner is the salesperson who makes an effort to fully understand the buyers’ business.


There is more focus on getting good advice from someone who knows and understands their business than just meeting with a salesperson who is there to sell something.


Most salespeople don’t understand the buyers’ need for value. They are still selling product first and added value last; in most cases the buyer is not aware of the added value you have to offer. Therefore, they don’t see you as being “Different”!!!

Buyers are looking for what’s new, what’s different. They want information. And it is your job as a sales professional to provide that information, to educate them!


Value does not speak for itself


Only salespeople can sell products and services to buyers based on value. Don’t just make“service calls”. Make “meaningful sales calls” on purpose and with a plan.

Here is a brief overview of how selling has evolved in recent years:


Around 35 years ago the focus was on the sale.    (Transactional selling)

Around 25 years ago the focus was on the buyer. (Relationship selling)                   

In sales today the focus is on giving good advice. (Trusted advisor selling)


Most companies and salespeople are still stuck in the old relationship mode. Relationships are still important, but in sales today you can’t expect to get business just based on your relationship with the buyer. A good relationship in sales today is the one which is as a consequence of you giving good advice, selling your product or service and thereby helping the buyer to grow and improve their business.


Old thinking is sales       =      focus on getting the sale.

New thinking in sales     =      focus on giving good advice.


Know your products and services inside out backwards. Buyers used to look at the company, now they look at you. Buyers used to look at price, now they look at value.

Here’s what you can do as a starting point to be a value-based seller:

Write down 3 things you can do to add value to the relationship and to help your buyer grow and improve their business.

Now choose one and execute!


In today’s world of business, buyers expect salespeople to add value to their business, to satisfy their needs and to provide solutions to their problems.



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