For salespeople, the telephone can be a powerful selling tool. If used correctly it can produce great results.


Whether you are using the telephone to sell, make appointments or follow-up on a quote, make all your calls on purpose and with a plan.


Here are a few phone sales training tips for making successful telephone calls in sales:

  • Remove all negative thoughts about making telephone calls.

If you believe you are not very good at making telephone calls and can’t sell over the phone, then you won’t succeed.

  • Control the conversation.

Don’t start your call with the usual “How are you?” After announcing who you are, rather say “The reason for my call is ……..” Get to the point.



The greeting is the most important part of any telephone call. Everything else that happens after this will depend on the quality and sincerity of your greeting. When talking telephonically to customers you need to “Engage” and “Connect” with them.

And to do this you must be 100% “Present”.


Simplify your message.

Avoid jargon, local industry expressions and acronyms which may not be understood by your clients. Speak clearly and purposefully. (Slow down) You must deliver your message with conviction and belief.


5 Points to consider from our phone sales training before making calls:


1. Prepare properly.

Know what you are going to say and how you are you going to say it. Establish a clear call objective. Why are you making this telephone call?

2. Smile.

A simple smile on the caller’s face reflects in the voice.

3. Relax.

When talking to a customer, imagine that you are talking to a colleague or a friend.

4. Attitude

Be enthusiastic when making telephone calls. Customers can sense whether you are doing this because you want to or because you have to.

5. Body language.

Don’t slouch, sit up straight and even stand up if necessary. SMILE.


Learning Technique: (Voice recorder)

Record yourself making a telephone call to hear what you sound like to other people. Listen to your call recordings and look for points to improve on. The voice that you hear inside your head is not the same voice that the customer hears. Join our phone sales training program.


Non-negotiables when making telephone calls.

  • SMILE.


Most salespeople love making presentations but hate making telephone calls!

It’s a catch 22 situation.


If you don’t make telephone calls you won’t get any better at it, if you don’t get better you have more failures, when you have more failures you are less enthusiastic to phone to make telephone calls!



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