A lot of the salespeople I meet with don’t really believe that selling is a “real profession”. There is still the old stigma of “don’t worry, if you can’t make it anywhere else you can always go into sales”. Selling is often seen as the last resort to resurrect a failed career.

Selling is a profession just like Engineering, Architecture or Accounting. Someone doesn’t wake up one morning and say, “you know, I’ve always wanted to design a bridge, today I am going to design my own bridge”. That person would have to go to university and study the skills and techniques required to design a bridge, they will need to study the skills and techniques required to be a successful Engineer.

It’s the same for a Lawyer, a Doctor or an Architect. And it’s no different for a salesperson. There are specific skills and techniques required for success in sales and if you learn, practice and implement those skills, you will succeed in sales.

Good salespeople are not born, they are made!

What makes a great salesperson great are the actions they take every day.

They learn, practice and implement the skills required to succeed in sales.

You should approach being a great salesperson the same way an athlete approaches being a great athlete. They make the decision to be the best and then they commit to the hard work.

The best athletes in the world are not necessarily the most talented, but rather the ones who work the hardest. They are not born, they are made!

Those athletes who learn, practice and implement the skills required for success in their sport usually end up at the top of the pile.

Did you know that the worlds top golfers are hitting between 1000 and 2000 balls a day in practice? That’s an 8-hour day! It’s this relentless practicing that gives them the confidence they need in the heat of the moment. On the final day of a 4-day tournament when  there are 3 holes to play and two payers are locked in battle for the win, they are calm under pressure because they know they can do what needs to be done, they have done it so many times in practice that it becomes ”mechanical”.

When Andre Agassi was building up to be a top tennis player, he was hitting 5000 balls a day in practice! He eventually became so “mechanical” under pressure that he became world number one.

To be the best in sales and to be calm and confident under pressure you also need to practice. For you to walk into meetings with confidence and be able to deal with whatever comes your way, you need to practice the words and phrases that are necessary for success in sales.

When a buyer hi-jacks the meeting by starting off with “Tell us what you have to offer” before you have asked any questions to establish needs, you need to respond with “before I tell you what we have to offer, I need to ask you a few questions to find out exactly what your requirements are, and the first question is …”

This is being “mechanical” in the heat of the moment in sales.

When you practice, don’t try it once or twice and then give up! Stick with it for at least 21 days, because that’s how long it takes, on average, to develop a new habit.

Get the wording right. Practice every day so that you can meet buyers with confidence.

In today’s world of business, you need to differentiate yourself from all the “average reps” that your buyers are having to meet with.

Buyers no longer want to meet with average salespeople, they want to meet with salespeople who can add value and help them to grow and improve their business.

Change your mind-set about selling.

Stop being “Presenters” “Information providers”.

Start being “Sales Professionals”.

Take action now!

Make a decision to be the best you can be in sales and then commit yourself to the hard work.

Learn, practice and implement the skills and techniques required for success in sales, and remember:

Great salespeople are not born, they are made!



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